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February 1, 2022

Kissing Engaged Couple at Sunset on Rhode Island Sand Dunes

5 Things To Do After Getting Engaged

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You said “YES”!! First of all a huge congratulations! I am so happy for you and your partner. You have both made the decision to spend your life with the love of your life and that is something to celebrate. Being engaged can feel absolutely amazing but it can also feel overwhelming because of everything that needs to be done before the wedding. I’d like to introduce you to these five steps to do after getting engaged. The steps will help reduce the stress and overwhelming feelings that may come with the getting engaged. I hope they can help so you can enjoy your engagement to the fullest!

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1. Soak it all up.

Whether it was a public proposal surrounded by family and friends, or it was an intimate proposal between you and your partner, just enjoy it. After saying the big “YES” take the time to relive the moment over and over again for as long as you’d like. There is no need to announce it to the world right away. You might want to tell the world right away just be sure you have both taken the necessary time to celebrate and share the happiness with each other before sharing it with everyone else. If family and friends were present during the proposal and it was all recorded, be sure to let them know ahead of time to not share it anywhere until you are ready. If you are easily overwhelmed this might ease some of the stress.

Photo by Lucero Vargas Photography

2. Celebrate with family and friends.

Now that you both have taken the time to celebrate with each other, now is the time to fill everyone in on this special moment. Tell your family, friends, and the world that you are going to marry the love of your life. Tell as many people as you’d like this is the time to share your happiness. You could even have a big party, go all out, there are no rules here. In fact, this would be a great time to gather your two families and have a big family dinner.

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3. Discuss a date.

There doesn’t have to be a date right away. Everyone goes through this stage differently, some are in no rush and some have a date in mind right away. Your date could be one or two years from now. There is no timeline you do what works best for the both of you. This is also when some of the stress starts creeping in, don’t let it, you are in control, you get to choose this is your life. There might be pressure on others but take your time to really discuss and decide.

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4. Photograph your engagement.

Lets not forget to document this special moment. getting a professional photographer to document your love and another milestone in your life is the way to go. Make this a fun date with each other and you can even use these photos for your save the dates invitations. A quick tip to amazing photos is to make sure you pick a photographer who you can vibe with and love their style of photography, you will love the photos even more. If you are shy in front of the camera let your photographer know your concerns ahead of time and just enjoy the session, they’ll take care of everything and make sure you look great.

Photo by Lucero Vargas Photography

5. Start your wedding planning.

It’s time to start the wedding planning! Now that you have taken the time to really enjoy the engagement you’ll feel relaxed in going into the wedding planning. You have already done the hardest part, picking a date, now all you need to concentrate on are the vendors and venue. Don’t forget that you can always return to the photographer who did your engagement photos, speaking as a photographer, we are always delighted when you come back to us.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! Wedding planning can be stressful, it’s up to you to make it fun. So turn on that playlist, have a glass a wine, and tackle one thing at a time. I will be here to guide you in all things wedding planning and more so stay tuned every week for more tips and tricks.

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