Telling the stories of couples in love, quinceañera girls just starting to live, and those important moments in your life. I will also dish out my secrets to awesome photos, color schemes for your upcoming shoot, and all the ins and out about how to be prepared for a shoot, wedding, literally everything! Many times all you see in social media is a small caption on a wedding, venue, or shoot. Here you can get the full story and perhaps learn a few tips and tricks on what to do, or not to do. Love romance? Check out my collection of stories, It's all here! take a look!

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Close Up Portraits of Couple Staring at Lens

Today is Valentine’s Day and many of us are out celebrating tonight, whether it’s a dinner, exchanging gifts, or simply watching a movie together on the couch. Well today I spent my Valentine’s day learning a little more about my favorite love story, Juan and Susana’s love story (a.k.a my parents). Now this story does […]

February 14, 2022

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