Telling the stories of couples in love, quinceañera girls just starting to live, and those important moments in your life. I will also dish out my secrets to awesome photos, color schemes for your upcoming shoot, and all the ins and out about how to be prepared for a shoot, wedding, literally everything! Many times all you see in social media is a small caption on a wedding, venue, or shoot. Here you can get the full story and perhaps learn a few tips and tricks on what to do, or not to do. Love romance? Check out my collection of stories, It's all here! take a look!

My Collection of Stories and a Place for Inspiration

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Your wedding portraits are photos you will look back on the most and let’s be honest they are ones that make it onto your Facebook or Instagram profile picture. They are CRUCIAL because they are the main photos that will get framed and hung up in your home. Your probably thinking they need to come […]

May 23, 2022

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Close Up Portraits of Couple Staring at Lens

Today is Valentine’s Day and many of us are out celebrating tonight, whether it’s a dinner, exchanging gifts, or simply watching a movie together on the couch. Well today I spent my Valentine’s day learning a little more about my favorite love story, Juan and Susana’s love story (a.k.a my parents). Now this story does […]

February 14, 2022

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