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May 15, 2022

Out-Of-This-World Wedding

Lucy Tales All

There is something about untraditional weddings that really tug at my heart, I love the uniqueness of them all and I am always amazed at couples who make it their own and fill it with details about themselves and their life. Let’s take a look at their amazing intimate wedding and what they did to make it their own.

1. Have the wedding on a holiday

Photo by: Lucero Vargas Photography

Ashley and Kevin had the most out-of-this-world wedding. They had a Halloween SPACE themed wedding, and of course when they inquired I just had to say yes! There are not too many couples who get married on Halloween. It’s a day they both really enjoy so they threw out the rule book and just did their own thing! Also wearing a costume was encouraged, how fun!

2. Pizza Shop Venue

Photo by: Lucero Vargas Photography

A pizza shop as a venue was so interesting. The groom and best man actually work at the venue chosen, which I am sure holds so many good memories! Your venue doesn’t have to be a huge space, just make it mean something to you.

3. Donut cake!

Photo by: Lucero Vargas Photography

Do I need to say more? It wouldn’t be a brunch wedding without a donut cake! I loved this idea especially for a small intimate wedding, instead handing out cake everyone can just come get a donut. Aside from donuts there were also lots of pastries. Kevin and Ashley met in Johnson in Whales where they both went for culinary so there had to be some goodies.

4. Hire an artist

Photo by: Lucero Vargas Photography

This was an incredible experience to witness! Having an artist paint live at the wedding is probably one of the best ideas ever. I am a huge fan of art so I may be biased, but having a canvas with a painting of your special day is pretty memorable!

5. You make the rules

Photo by: Lucero Vargas Photography

The wedding will already be beautiful, it’s a celebration of your love after all. Making it your own by adding little details, like Kevin and Ashley did, will make it for an even more wonderful day.

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