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May 23, 2022

Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Portraits

Lucy Tales All

Your wedding portraits are photos you will look back on the most and let’s be honest they are ones that make it onto your Facebook or Instagram profile picture. They are CRUCIAL because they are the main photos that will get framed and hung up in your home. Your probably thinking they need to come out just right! Luckily for you, I’ve got some helpful steps to nail your wedding portraits.

1. Make Time

Whether you are doing “at first glance” photos or taking portraits after the ceremony. Both are beautiful and both result in amazing photos. As long as there is time for it, they will come out great, so be sure to make time for this on your timeline. Definitely keep this in mind when deciding at what time the ceremony is and when everyone should be at the reception. As a photographer, I do my best to capture it all but I also need your help in making sure we have time for it.

2. Practice

You might be thinking this one is a little weird, it’s okay, I’m going somewhere with this I promise haha. I don’t necessarily mean get in front of the mirror with your special someone and strike poses. What I mean is, book that engagement shoot, it’s so worth it, especially if you haven’t been in front of a camera before. This will not only make you more comfortable on the big day but it will also help familiarize yourself with your photographer. There is definitely a lot more time to chat and get to know one another. You will not regret booking the engagement shoot and you can even use the photos for those beautiful “Save the Date” invites.

3. Be You!

It may sound silly to say, but so many people freeze up in front of a lens but are great at selfies and trust me, I am one of them. I know how awkward it may feel but this is why the love of your life and long-term bestie is right there with you. Trust each other and relax, take this time to honestly just take it all in. This might be the only time during the day where you will have the time for yourselves, really sink into one another and let all the feels out, it’s okay if you cry, that makes for a more emotional photo and I’ve got some tissues handy for you, just in case. I got you!

4. Candids

We all love them but sometimes they can feel hard to pull off. Not to worry I’ve got some tricks you can keep in mind to get that natural smile. What works best is to know what your partner finds hilarious, at least knowing what will get a smile out of them. If your partner is shy this could definitely come in handy because even though I can act all silly to get some smiles, you know your partner the best. I will count of the both of you to help me get the best out of each other.

5. Bonus!

To make these even more special, bring in something for the two of you to share. For example, a lot of people say their main vows that are repeated by the officiant, this gives you the opportunity to write and say personal vows during your wedding portraits. It’s much more intimate and it’s something you can keep between each other. Another idea would be to give each other a gift and have a little note to read to one another explaining the gift. There is honestly so many different and creative ideas that can be done at this time. Remember this is your time and these will be your photos forever. Make it memorable!

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