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February 7, 2022


Best Tips for Amazing Couple Photos

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Ever wonder how some couples look so amazing, genuine, and their smiles seem true. It’s actually simpler than you think, you don’t have to be professional models. I have laid out some quick tips for you to have a great photo shoot and most of all, photos you will love that make your love shine through.

1. Start at home.

You have scheduled a couple photoshoot and today is the day of the shoot, how exciting! This day could also be a bit nerve wrecking and somewhat stressful depending how you are in front of the camera. One tip I like to advise my couples is make this day as pleasant as possible for each other and try to not have any arguments before the shoot. The way you feel effects the way the photos come out, if there is a disconnect between you and your partner, it will reflect on how you act during the shoot and will come through in your photos.

2. Have a meal or a snack.

No one likes to be hangry, I am one of those people haha. I always try to bring some snacks with me or have a meal before my shoot, especially if the location is a long commute. Being hangry could bring upon angry feelings and this will come through as well. So have that meal before our shoot or bring along a snack.

3. Focus on today.

Remove all distractions for your shoot. We all live busy lives and there’s always a million things running through our minds daily but let this shoot be a way to disconnect from everything and everyone, just have it be you and the one you love. Make this day special and a way to remember your love, the first day you met, or the first kiss you shared. Do as best as you can to stay present and in the moment.

4. Trust your photographer.

Get to your shoot location and trust your photographer. I like to meet with my couples or at least have a little chat before our shoot to make sure they feel safe and ensure you that I will capture how genuine your love is.

5. Have fun.

The most important tip of all… be yourself and have fun! Treat this as a fun date and you will ensure to have amazing couple photos you will love forever!

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