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February 14, 2022

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A Tale of the Heart

Lucy Tales All

Today is Valentine’s Day and many of us are out celebrating tonight, whether it’s a dinner, exchanging gifts, or simply watching a movie together on the couch. Well today I spent my Valentine’s day learning a little more about my favorite love story, Juan and Susana’s love story (a.k.a my parents). Now this story does not involve a prince or a princess but it involves two people who were destined to be together. So let’s start at the very beginning in the beautiful country of Mexico.

Couple standing smiling and holding hands
Couple is leaned into each other showing affection and smiling

Mom and dad both come from the same town of Matamoros, Tamaulipas. Turns out that they actually lived a street over from each other. You’d think their love story would have started as kids but it began much later in life, as teenagers.

It wasn’t until one day on Mexico’s Independence day that Juan had asked Susana to be his girlfriend. He mentioned how he had to have a little alcohol to have the courage to ask her out, (he was a little nervous) it made him a little braver that day. Perhaps it was the courage to even say that, or the charm, but Susana decided to believe him.

That chance, led them to endless date nights where they would go to the movies, dancing, parties, and even the circus. They spent every Saturday or Sunday doing some sort of activity and during the weekday nights they would enjoyed talking about everything they could think of, including life, love, and dreams. Their love for one another kept growing and growing until one day Juan proposed. Susana, with much to Juan’s surprise said NO, hahaha, I know not the answer you were expecting but give her a break she was only 16 years old. Juan understood and that answer did not make him give up on her, he just kept trying to make her happy and enjoy their time together.

One thing to know about Juan is that he is one stubborn man, so two years later he asked AGAIN! This time he had saved up enough money to buy land to build them a home. Instead of blowing her off after that initial proposal, he worked so hard that she couldn’t refuse him the second time around so….


Although their relationship led to so much happiness, it was a tough relationship to keep as many were opposed of them being together. This wasn’t an easy “happily ever after”, there were many challenges that lead to disputes and judgements, but the love they had kept them together and they fell in love so strongly that they fled. They went all the way to Lazaro, Michoacán, this is about a 16 hour drive from where they resided. Such a long travel just to to be with each other without constant judgement from the people surrounding them.

Couple Sharing Cake While Laughing

They belonged together and they knew it in their hearts!

No one would ship Susana off to Canada, as her mom and grandma were planning on doing, crazy right?! They just didn’t understand and had not seen the amazing person Juan was because they were constantly working and all they knew were the rumors they heard from others.

Upon returning home, the parents had agreed to give them their blessing and they had a small intimate wedding. Trusting their heart and trusting each other, it all paid off! Currently they have three beautiful daughters and two grandsons that they adore.

Couple Holding Hands In Love and Smiling

There are always challenges in life but if you face them with the right person, it is always worth it. Today dad surprised my mom with flowers and it warmed my heart and made me so happy to know that, after 34 years of marriage, they continue to love each other like when they were teenagers.

There is MUCH more to their story of course but there was no possible way I could fit 34 years of marriage into one blog so stay tuned for more, I just wanted to share and spread some love your way and I hope your Valentine’s Day was full of love!


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